samedi 23 octobre 2010


LeCto is a guitar amp simulator inspired by an american modern high gain head. This simulator has 2 channels with 3 modes on each channel. It can go from crunch (raw mode) to modern high gain (modern mode).

Features :
-oversampling : determines the signal oversampling; up to 8x
-mono/stereo : determines the signal routing
-input : controls the magnitude of the input signal
-drive : controls the amount of gain
-low : controls the low frequency
-mid : controls the mid frequency
-high : controls the high frequency
-presence : presence control
-resonance* : controls the amount of resonance resulting from the interaction with the speaker cabinet

*Only active on modern mode

LeCto is only an amp simulator, so you need to use a cabinet simulator.

A big thank to Mikola Ptashnikoff for the beautiful GUI.
Visit his band's site here

Here is the download link :

and for those with processor not supporting SSE2 code :

Few testers have reported problems with some versions of Sonar. These bugs have not been solved yet.

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  1. Man, the best for you. You are a great man sharing your love to sound and music with us.

    Thank you again Lepou.

  2. Yeaaaaaaaaah !!!!! Been waiting for this one since I've heard about it.

    Merci LePou t'es le meilleur !

  3. Thanks Dario !
    Merci Fla !

    I'm glad you like it.

  4. Peace bro

    Can't wait to try this one.

    You Rock!

  5. What an amazing product this is, i'm a big fan of the recto sound and this is the greatest emulation ever, i just tested the beta, and i'm completely blown away, thanks thanks thanks.

  6. Muchísimas gracias,

    ¡¡Gran trabajo!!

  7. By far the most realistic amp sim I have ever heard, in vintage mode it's almost like playing the real thing. Oh and the gui looks amazing!

  8. Hi from Russia! Great work! When we'll see your plugins in Mac's AU version?

  9. Lepou, I simply love ALL your plugins and your outstanding generosity to make them available for free!! This one is no exception to the overall quality and playability... thank you!

  10. You can tell, listening to your plugins, how much more you care about a great guitar sound than anyone employed by Line 6 or Native Instruments or the makers of any big commercial emulations. Brilliant work, as always.

  11. Thanks Lepou!!!
    This amp rock!!
    Please release a suite!!

  12. Hi,
    nice work! I'm a metal guitarist since I was 18, and these are the best sounding plugins I've ever heard. But...I have a problem, only in this case, fortunately :-) : I work with logic on Mac OSx. Do you know if there's the possibility to translate the plugin for this OS (to AU format)? Only in few cases VST plugins are working properly in Logic...And there are plugin that I dont'want to miss!!!
    Thanks and keep on doing things like these.
    Have a nice day.

  13. Hey stefano,

    None of my plugins is gonna work on Mac. However I recently got myself a Mac, so I'm gonna port some of my plugins to this plateforme.

  14. If you make your amps for mac you will have truly reached god status...

  15. Nice to hear that! I'm going to record a bunch of new songs with my band and guitar will be the last instrument we'll'm waiting. :-) I'll be glad to be a beta-tester, if it's possible. Thanks

  16. Hello,

    What is the guitar level that you had calibrated to attack the amplifier? -16dBfs ?


  17. please help me the file it's in dll. what sould i do??

  18. Hi, great works on the plugins!

    Which cabinet emulator can you advice with them?

  19. Hi,

    I use this pluggin since two day and it's a very good one. I love it.

    I think I'll record one track of the Ep of my band with it =D

    Thank you LePou ;D

    Eladan, Synpbobia.

    (I use LeCab 2 and a simulation of a 4x12" mesa boogie that I found on this page: )

  20. just wondering how do i add the .dll to logic?

  21. outstanding work. your plugins can keep up with any commercial amp sim I've heard. keep it up!

  22. Hey Lepou, i want to thank you for making this awesome amp sim, on which i used on all the rhythm guitars on one of my upcoming tracks. Here is the track without bass, just me on guitar. Hope you like!

  23. s'entends tres bien avec des IR de Mesa Boogie genre guitar Hack ou mon IR de Death Magnetic de mon Metallica Gold IR pack! ;-)

  24. Thanks a million for this great VST! A question - is running two panned rhythm tracks through single Lecto in stereo mode the same as running two separate tracks with separate lectos in mono?

  25. I can't get this to work in PT 10. The plugin shows up just fine but audio gets passed through it. If I disable the plugin I can hear and see the audio but as soon as I enable it again it stops. Any ideas why this is and how to fix it?

  26. Dropbox link is deactivated. Any chance to find these Amps for download?

  27. Same here.... Get an error message that says "Error (509)
    This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!" Are there links to another download location?


  29. Hey, I am attempting to get a modern/heavy alternative sound with the Lepou lecto. My path is lecto>recabinet 4 ("oversize" model, based on mesa boogie 4x12's). That's it. I set it to modern and play with the amp settings and cab settings, but I just can't get a decent sound. Should there be something before the amp? a pedal? something somewhere else in the chain maybe? Recabinet has 2 channels per instance, not sure if muting one is making a difference.

    is there a guide for amp (dual recto) settings and/or cab settings?

  30. Hi, It seems to bug out on my environment. It plays fine for a while, and then the CPU usage increases from 3% to 43% and sound distorts. Changing oversampling to 8x seems to fix the problem?
    I would be glad to help debugging this if you're interested.

    1. This problem is likely caused by floating point denormalization. Changing your oversampling only works because it "resets" the plugin.

      If you add a plugin that generates noise like GNormal before LeCto, set it at, -250 dB and Square wave, you will see your CPU issue goes away.

      I have this same problem in REAPER, and fixed it using the GNormal plugin, but this is a workaround - not a TRUE fix. We would need access to the plugin code to fix.

      The easy way to tell the problem is denormal numbers is that when true silence is reached, CPU usage goes through the roof, but when loud input is provided to the plugin again, the CPU usage drops. If you are curious more about this phenomenon just search "denormal numbers" or "floating point denormal", you will see this is a problem not just unique to audio engineering! Cheers

  31. So far this is my favorite plugin, as good if not better than S-Gear, TH2, all the other sims. I love it!

    I wonder, is there any chance of a fix for the floating point denormal issue? Silence = very high CPU usage, normal playing = normal CPU usage. Adding a noise generator like GNormal before LeCto fixes the CPU usage, but this is not an ideal solution. Thanks very much for all your work, Alain, your skills are truly divine!